The price for quilting is determined as follows:

The quilt is measured length and width. Length in inches X width in inches = square inches. This number is then multiplied by the price per square inch, in turn gives you the total price for the quilting process of your quilt. Bindings are extra, and a few other choices such as changing thread colors, etc. as listed on the quilting work sheet.

There is a $50.00 minimum charge for all quilts, as all quilts have to be staged and loaded in the same manner. If you have two or more quilts ready at the same time and they are all under the $50.00 minimum they can be loaded together as one if the backs are the same piece of fabric or are sewn together [edges must be even]. Just call me with these special circumstances. I will always try to do what is most cost effective for the customer.


*Edge 2 edge {E2E} or border 2 border {B2B} = $ 0.02 X sq inches

*Custom single border with gut done E2E or B2B = $ 0.03 X sq inches

*Custom work which can include block by block with sashings, setting triangles, corner stones, inner and outer borders range from $0.035 to $0.08 per square inch. I have to determine the price after seeing the quilt and how much detail quilting it will involve. I will always be truthful about the need for custom work; will it go unnoticed? or just confuse the eye?, I will suggest what is most appealing for the quilt and what is most cost effective for you.

“Every quilt top deserves to be a Quilt”
Quilting Queen Longarm Prices